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  1. 2019-Apr-21: Old code roundup
  2. 2019-Apr-14: Reboot
  3. 2016-May-17: WiFi bridging redux
  4. 2016-Apr-02: apt caching for debootstrap
  5. 2016-Mar-27: EC CA redux: now with more Nitrokey
  6. 2016-Mar-26: Nitrokey HSM EC setup
  7. 2016-Mar-21: Elliptic Curve Certificate Authority
  8. 2016-Mar-17: Raspberry Pi 3 + Serial Console
  9. 2016-Mar-13: WiFi client router setup
  10. 2016-Mar-13: Raspbian setup notes
  11. 2016-Mar-02: More poll()/epoll fun
  12. 2016-Mar-01: Asynchronous name resolution in C
  13. 2016-Feb-28: SSH agent forwarding & screen
  14. 2016-Feb-24: Down the epoll rabbit hole
  15. 2016-Feb-15: Streaming Netflix from Android to OS X
  16. 2016-Feb-15: Cable modem channel party
  17. 2016-Feb-01: How to enrage your cable modem
  18. 2016-Feb-01: Hall of 2.4 GHz Shame, 2016 Edition
  19. 2012-May-17: Fun Python question
  20. 2012-Mar-09: Google MySQL team is hiring
  21. 2011-Dec-09: The dangers of max_connections
  22. 2011-Nov-29: Converting subselects to joins, part 2
  23. 2011-Nov-29: Safe(r) data changes
  24. 2011-Aug-09: InnoDB as the default table type
  25. 2011-Aug-08: Database best practices for future scalability
  26. 2011-Jul-12: Converting subselects to joins
  27. 2011-Apr-22: Avoid MySQL round trips
  28. 2011-Apr-19: Video sharing sucks
  29. 2011-Apr-01: A new generation of Google MySQL tools
  30. 2010-Aug-22: Net Neutrality?
  31. 2010-Apr-10: Home video re-think
  32. 2010-Apr-07: (Wireless) network optimization, 2010 edition
  33. 2010-Apr-05: Comcast hacking
  34. 2010-Mar-26: Fun with map visualizations
  35. 2010-Mar-09: Karaoke project
  36. 2009-Sep-11: Confusing BIND with CNAMEs
  37. 2009-Feb-19: The odd case of my mugging
  38. 2009-Feb-03: 5-packet TCP connection?
  39. 2007-Jan-09: USB/Serial in Linux
  40. 2006-Dec-05: Fixing your home/SOHO network
  41. 2006-Nov-15: Getting network-manager to forget
  42. 2006-Oct-30: X got jumpy during my Dapper -> Edgy upgrade
  43. 2006-Sep-23: Stopping Debian from ejecting the CD-ROM during install
  44. 2006-Sep-22: CD-ROM multi-drive sarge installation
  45. 2006-Jul-23: sqlsearch 1.1.0
  46. 2006-Jul-20: sqlsearch 1.0.0
  47. 2006-Jul-08: My DVD drive won’t play movies
  48. 2006-Jun-30: Carrying Servers
  49. 2006-Jun-28: BladeCenter power hurts my head
  50. 2006-Jun-16: HP Switch Revisited
  51. 2006-Jun-13: tightvnc + Java + Tab key
  52. 2006-Jun-06: KORG MicroKontrol in Linux
  53. 2006-Apr-07: IBM Z60m in Linux
  54. 2006-Mar-21: HP ProCurve 2824 Mini-Review
  55. 2006-Mar-21: Redundant Network Interfaces
  56. 2006-Mar-16: Spanning Tree Protocol Introduction
  57. 2006-Mar-15: M-Audio Fast Track Pro in Linux
  58. 2006-Mar-15: MySQL base64 functions
  59. 2006-Mar-03: Mail relaying with NetSuite
  60. 2006-Mar-02: udev is your friend
  61. 2006-Mar-02: Why is my directory empty and large?
  62. 2006-Feb-26: Why isn’t mod_auth_pam working with NIS?
  63. 2006-Feb-26: SCTP Part #1
  64. 2006-Feb-13: Is sleep(3) effected by time changes?
  65. 2006-Feb-09: Convert all tables to InnoDB
  66. 2006-Feb-09: PHP/PERL/Ruby exploit
  67. 2006-Feb-07: Why is my SSH X Window forwarding broken?
  68. 2006-Feb-06: Installing Debian from a USB stick
  69. 2006-Feb-02: Rebooting Linux when it doesn’t feel like it
  70. 2006-Jan-25: New MySQL toys
  71. 2006-Jan-24: Finally, sane MySQL clustering
  72. 2006-Jan-23: IBM ThinkCentre A50 Slowdown
  73. 2006-Jan-23: SSH Tunnelling 101
  74. 2006-Jan-23: How to install Debian Sarge on an IBM Blade
  75. 2006-Jan-22: Why does my machine think its name is localhost...
  76. 2006-Jan-22: Flashing without Microsoft or floppy drives